Auto Towing  Conroe- Long Distance Towing Option

Posted by on Jan 12, 2019 in Business |

There could be many instances in your life when you will be needing a towing truck to assist you. You may be under the impression that you can only use towing services for the times when a car is illegally parked on your driveway or when your car has broken down a few miles from home. Tow companies can, of course, provide the services mentioned but they can also provide long distance services. If you need a towing truck to carry your car across the country, there are many quality towing companies who offer that option. Perhaps, you are moving your home to another city or state and you don’t want to drive your car the whole time. Long distance towing services can be the answer to your dilemma. Actually, in that kind of situation, you could either drive your car or just sign up for towing services customized for long distances. There are no other options for you.

When can you use long distance towing services?

Long distance towing services are only used to transport a vehicle over long distances. This is a really convenient option because you won’t have to do the driving yourself. It can be helpful during moves because moving houses can be a stressful and exhausting period for the entire family. With long distance towing trucks carrying your vehicle, you won’t have to drive. You can just fly out to the city of the state where you want to move and wait for your vehicle to be delivered safely by the tow trucks. What are the things that you should consider in signing up for long distance towing services?

  1. Pricing

The prices for long distance towing services vary from one tow company to another. There could be a hook-up fee and a standard flat rate that you need to pay then you will be charged per mile. Note that there are companies that charge only the flat rate plus the miles and others charge the hookup fee and the miles. However, there are also companies that charge both hook up and flat rates, and that could be more expensive for you. Make sure to get a quote before they tow your car away so that you will know how much to pay in advance. This can also avoid hidden charges that might just surprise you at the end of the tow.

  1. Time Frame

The time frame is very important because you wouldn’t want to wait for two weeks for your car when you know the distance can be covered in just two days. Just like when you ask the towing company for the price quote, make sure to ask when is the exact date and time you can expect your vehicle to arrive at your expected location. If your chosen towing company is trustworthy enough, they will deliver your car safely and on time. These are the top two things you need to consider when hiring a long distance towing company.